Titans News · San Marino Phase 1 Return to Athletics

Welcome back Titans.  In order to participate in Phase 1 Return to Athletics, you will need to complete three prerequisites.

1. You will need to be athletically cleared.  More information on the process can be found at smtitansathletics.org (click on more).

2. You will need to complete your baseline testing from Impact Testing.  You should have received an email from Impact Testing.

3. Your parents will have to complete the athletic liability form.


In addition, on every day that you come to practice, you will need to complete the athletic COVID screener as well as having your temperature taken.


Video on Return procedure (Student made)

Video on return procedure (original)

Schedule for return date.  Please contact your coach for more information on times / locations

October 19

Football: Coach Mesa (jmesa@smusd.us).

October 26

Girls volleyball: Angel Ramirez (aramirez@smusd.us), and Boys volleyball: Tony Chou (tchou913@gmail.com).

November 2

Girls Soccer: Jaime Acuna (jacuna11@yahoo.com) & Ron Parra (rparra@smusd.us), Boys soccer: Josh Cortez (cen.cal93@yahoo.com), Boys and Girls Tennis: Melwin Pereira (melwin@sbcglobal.net) and Antoine Saba (asaba@smusd.us), Girls basketball: Elizabeth Reuter (ereuter@smusd.us), Boys basketball: Mihail Papadopulos (mpapadopulos@smusd.us), and cross country: Angus Leung (aleung@smusd.us)